Proverbs 29   (July 22)

                                                The Rod or the Club?

            “The rod and reproof give wisdom…”

            Three police officers approached a very “dangerous” man for interrogation. They surrounded the individual with their weapons drawn and shouted,

            “Can you provide us with some identification please?”

            The confused man asked them:

            “What have I done to deserve all this.”

            One of the police officers responded: “You spanked your son, according to some unidentified eyewitnesses.”

            How sad it is to see how parents can be stripped of their authority over their children nowadays, simply because they try to discipline and train their children with the rod of correction—just as God has ordered.

            The authorities and pagan governments cannot understand that God has given authority to parents to discipline their children. These officials do not understand that a child that is disciplined at home is one less criminal that they will have to persecute and prosecute in the future. The rod of correction in the hands of a loving father or mother is a thousand times better and more effective, than a policeman’s club, time in jail or the threat of a gun.

            If you are, or will ever be a parent, do not be afraid to discipline your children with love and with the “rod.” If you refrain from doing your responsibility; the police will do it for you! Listen to God’s advice, and train your children well, even if it hurts you.

            Can man know more than God?


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