Proverbs 26     (July 19)

                                                       Foolish Indeed!

            “…or you will be a fool yourself.”

            Christians have been called to live holy and separated from sin. Whether we like it or not, we are different from the children of this world, who obey the prince of darkness. Holiness for believers is not another option or even a good idea; it is a commandment and the only lifestyle that is fitting for children of the King.

             And speaking of darkness… Did you know that Christians are also the children of light? Light and the darkness are different and totally opposed to each other. Why then, do we see so many Christians attempting to imitate the children of darkness?

            Those who live in darkness need the light of God, but a child of the light does not gain anything when he “plays” with or fights against the children of darkness. The only thing he or she gains is to be stained by sin and lose his/her glorious brilliance.

            When we argue with a fool, we choose to function on the same level of the ungodly. It is as if we, who are light, begin to walk towards the darkness of this world, disguising ourselves as unbelievers and covering the light that shines inside of us. This is not only a very foolish action, but it is very dangerous as well, because those who walk in darkness will surely stumble and fall into sin and despair.

            The words of a fool are foolish, but the message of a Christian is light and full of life. We do not have to respond to them according to their nonsense, because when we do so, we become fools ourselves.

             Only God can give us wisdom to know when, where and how to respond to fools—with his Word and with our good and holy example.

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