Proverbs 25     (July 18)

                                                 Precious Diamonds

            “Take away the dross from the silver…”

            A Christian’s heart is the most valuable and precious jewel in the entire universe. Its value is so great, that not even all the money in the world could buy it.

            Christ died on the cross and with his precious blood saved us and gave us a new heart; a heart of “flesh” and not of stone.   This heart is the earthly dwelling of the Holy Spirit. Christ promised that he would come and dwell in us that is, within our hearts.

            If this is true and it is, then we must place a great emphasis in caring for, and cleaning our spiritual heart, so that Christ can reign in it with comfort and joy. Our hearts must be a throne for Christ because he is the KING.

            The physical heart is the organ that distributes the life giving blood throughout our body; it is very sensitive and precious. Doctors encourage us to eat balanced meals which are low in fat and to exercise our body daily. The person that pays attention to the doctor’s advice and abstains from drugs (cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, etc.) will take care or his/her heart and is probably prolonging their life.

            Our spiritual heart is without doubt something very special, even more so than our physical organ. Before knowing Christ, it was a dirty and ugly coal, but Christ has transformed it into a diamond of incalculable value.

            This precious diamond polished by Christ is hated by the world, the flesh and especially by the devil; this unholy and infernal “trinity” is always trying to tarnish (and often succeed), our heart.

            Oh Lord, take away the dross of sin so we may be precious diamonds!

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