Proverbs 11    (July 4)

                                                Sacred Tongues

            “…but one who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a confidence.”

            What do a pastor, a priest, a school counselor a doctor, a psychologist and a lawyer have in common?

           They must all be faithful with all the secrets of their “patients.” Professional ethics prohibits divulging the confessions of a client, because there is a confidentiality agreement between all of these professionals and their clients.

            If a lawyer, for example, reveals any information that was given to him in confidence by his client, he can lose the right to practice law. In the same way a psychiatrist is bound by honor, to always protect the privacy of their patients.

            The children of God have been blessed with many precious gifts and talents. However, there is not one verse in the Holy Scriptures where you find the “gift” of gossip. How come, then, is there so much gossip in our churches?

            The children of God should have sacred or holy tongues that are never used for evil purposes like gossip or to hurt anyone. Our motivation is simply to please Christ and minister to our brothers and sisters.

            If doctors and lawyers can normally keep a confidence and protect those under their care, shouldn’t we do the same for our brothers and sisters in Christ? If unsaved priests can safeguard the confessions of their parishioners, how much more should we, the children of the living God abstain from gossip or betraying confidences.

            Is your tongue sacred? If you are a Christian, Christ has cleansed your mouth just like He did to Isaiah (Isaiah 6). Open your mouth to declare his glory and praise his Name.

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