Ps 27, 28     (April 30)

                                               Perfect Demands

            “One thing I (demanded) asked the Lord…”

            If this passage would end like this, we could accuse David of blasphemy, or in the best case scenario, of being disrespectful. How can someone dare to demand something of our God Almighty?

            However, David’s demand is so beautiful and sublime, that it sounds like a plea, or like the song of birds. We would do well to imitate David’s attitude. We would be blessed if we would learn to demand in this way.

            What did David demand?

            He simply asked that the will of God be done in his daily pilgrimage. His desire was to be where God was, so he would be able to know Him more and adore Him even better. It was a demand to be under His command at all times.

            If each Christian would demand this from God, our lives would be different. We would contemplate the “beauty of Yahweh,” instead of looking at the undesirable circumstances that constantly surround us. We would use our time to be edified by our Lord, and we would edify others and not complain or destroy.

            The only “demands” that God will listen to, are those that derive from the Holy Spirit and not from the flesh. These are perfect demands, because they proceed from the perfect will of God. They “fly” to God’s presence (when we pray), and return from God in the form of answers to prayers.

            Would you dare to “demand” something from God?

            Are you willing to ask Him to make you a radical Christian?

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