Ps 25, 26    (April 29)

                                  Looking, Learning and Walking

            “Make me know…teach me…lead me…”

            The will of God in our lives is good and perfect; however we cannot always see it clearly. Often times we feel God’s calling to serve him, but where, and when?   Other times He leads us to do something, but… what?

            It is not always easy to know what God wants from us. The Bible is not a book of rules, but it contains eternal principles that emanate from God. There are no biblical passages where we will find specific directions concerning whether we should drink beer or not; what brand of clothes should we wear, the name of our future bride, etc.

            David loved God and His word, and even though he studied the law day and night, there were times when he was still not sure of the path he should take, or what he should do to be in accordance with the divine will.    

             For this reason he appealed to the Lord for three things that apply to our lives today:

            “Show me”

            We should ask God to show us his will. You can obtain this through much prayer and fasting. Remember that God’s will is progressive, so let us pray on a daily basis, so God will show us his will daily.

            “Teach me”

            We need for God to teach and prepare us, so we are able to do his will. It is one thing to know God’s will and quite another to obey it.

            “Lead me”

            Let us start walking with God, and he will lead us to the right path.

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