Psalms 19, 20     (April 26)

                                                         Beautiful Skies

            “The heavens are telling the story of God;”

            There is a very well known hymn that begins like this:

            “Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder …..”

            The skies were created by God and are truly wonderful and beautiful. When I look at the sky in the mornings, with its white clouds and the beautiful golden sun; I give thanks to God. In the clear and starry nights, my heart glorifies the Lord as I contemplate the illuminated heavenly canopy by an infinite number of stars.

            God has created the heavens with one purpose in mind— so that when we look at his wonderful creation we may be completely overtaken by his majesty and to see his glory. The heavens proclaim his glorious grandeur and invite all of humanity to seek and believe in such an awesome Creator.

            “Then sings my soul”

            The old hymn continues. Praise and worship is the natural (pun intended) response of a heart that reads and believes the message of God in nature. General Revelation is the theological name given to the “voice” (v. 4) of creation. The sun, the moon, the stars and the whole universe silently (but loudly) proclaim that there is a Creator. Believers must praise the Maker of so much beauty and splendor.   

            “…How great thou are!” 

             This is how the hymn ends, and this is how we should respond when we see everything that God has done, and all that He is doing and will do for us. The universe is great, but our God is even greater for He made it.

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