Psalms 1-3    (April 18)

                                       The Power and the Glory

            “Kiss (the son) his feet…”

             The Pastor of the church asked his pupils in the married couples’s class:

             Why should we share the gospel with other around us?

             “Because it is the only was to save the lost souls!”

             One of the most eager students yelled.

             “Because Christ commanded it and we should obey.”

              Another exclaimed.

             “To expedite Christ’s coming.”

              A third member of the class added.

              “All your answers are correct!” The Pastor replied. “But the most important reason for us to share the gospel, or to do anything else for God, is to glorify and honor our Lord Jesus Christ.”

              What truth and wisdom do these words from a servant of God hold! Even in the Old Testament, the SON (Jesus Christ) was to be honored. How blind were some of the Jews that crucified Jesus, instead of honoring him!

             Our human tendency is to bring honor and glory to ourselves. We are a proud and selfish generation and even Christians struggle to glorify the Lord at all times. We must be careful that our gifts and service extol the name of the Lord and Him only.

             Everything that we do should bring glory and praise to the name of Christ. He deserves honor for what He is (God), for what he did (died and resurrected), and for what he will do (come and take us to heaven).

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