Job 42    (April 17)

                                              With My Own Eyes

            “…but now my eyes sees you;”

            It was the belief of the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus that there was a “new” world on the other side of the sea. He thought that this undiscovered world would be marvelous, but when he was able to gaze with his own eyes the American continent, he was astonished to see its extraordinary beauty.

            It does not always happen that way. Sometimes we create mental images of a place or a person and when we get there, or meet them we become disillusioned. For example, there are some radio announcers that have young and beautiful voices, but in person they are neither young nor beautiful. The same happens with many internet “dating” sites. The love seekers post pictures that do not match the reality.

            Now with Christ there will be no deception. That glorious day when we finally see him face to face, will be the happiest day in all our life. Now faith and hope are our sweet companions, but they will be obsolete in Christ’s eternal day.

            All the pain and suffering endured by Job were completely forgotten as he was able to catch just a glimpse of the Lord. Before his majestic presence, all problems melt like wax, and our trials become a thing of the past.

           Lift up your eyes today, and you shall see the King of glory shining upon you. Stephen was able to endure his stoning valiantly, because his eyes were fixed on heaven. Acts 7:55 tells us that, “…he, being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.”

           Fix your eyes on Jesus. His glory will make all the darkness disappear.

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