Job 20      (March 28)

                                                     Well Prepared

            “This is the portion that God prepares for the wicked…”

            In cartoons, there are times when we see scenes of flying witches (change the channel when you see witches please). The majority of them are old and very hideous; they use pots to prepare their spells and incantations.

            These spells sometimes work, and sometimes they do not. There are false witches, but true witches do exist. The danger is real and we should not expose our little ones to scenes of magic, sorcery, incantations, or Satanism. Even though this may seem as a simple child’s game like sorcery movies and Halloween, it is not. The devil does not play; actually, he is preparing the next generation to be his slaves.

            On the other hand, God has prepared a place for those men and women that are wicked. There is a reservation with their name on it in Hell. 2 Peter 2:17 testifies about these unbelievers:

            These are wells without water, clouds carried by a tempest, for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.”

            Eugenio Gonzalez, my old pastor, said in one occasion:

            “God pays Christians with ‘cash’ but to the wicked he gives ‘credit’.”

            With these wise words, he explained that although it is certain that we do not undergo eternal condemnation, we as children of God are disciplined immediately (with love) after we have sinned.

            The ones that reject Christ, the wicked, have their portion prearranged by God. Their destiny is death, darkness, and eternal “life” without God.

            Aren’t you glad you believe in Jesus?

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