Job 19     (March 27)

                                                                     He Lives

            “For I know that my Redeemer lives…”

            Sing with me:

            “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow

            Because He lives, all fear is gone

            Because I know He holds the future

            My life is worth of living just because He lives.

            Christ lives my dear reader! The best news that someone can hear, is that God has not died (nor will he ever die) as some claim. Jesus did die on the cross and his body was in a tomb for three days, but He was raised from the dead and now lives forevermore.

            Job was able to see two things in the future:

           1.    God is a living and eternal God.

           Job knew that he served a living God; therefore his faith was not misplaced in a religion or in dead or false gods and idols. We too, serve the same God and therefore we have an eternal hope of life everlasting in Christ.

           2.   God is our Redeemer.

             Job was also aware that God is the Redeemer. This means that Jesus, our God and Lord, bought us for himself with his precious blood. We belong to Him now and forever.

            Knowing all this, Job was able to gather his hope and strength and grow spiritually a little bit more. You and I are able to do the same thing. If we meditate on the Word of God, we will learn to have faith in our Redeemer that lives through the centuries and beyond. Because he lives, we will live eternally.

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