Job 13     (March 21)

                                                       The Uncle of Faith

            “Though he kills me, yet I will trust in him.”

           Many have called Abraham, “the father of the faith.”   He believed in God and by faith alone he left behind his family and friends and followed Yahweh. The maximum test of his faith took place when God ordered him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. Even though he was saddened by this order, he was obedient to God’s command; he strongly believed that God would resurrect Isaac if necessary.

          So if Abraham is the father of the faith, then Job is the uncle of the faith. We all know about the patience of Job, even in the middle of his agony and great suffering. I believe that his faith in God was even greater than his patience. He “waited” in God, according to his own words, but to be able to wait in God we must first believe in Him.                          

         And Job believed in God! In the days of this declaration, Job was subjected to great pain. He had lost everything including his ten children. And even though there were times of great depression, he never lost faith.

         And what about you and me?

         If someone would write something about us in the future, would they find faith in the pages of our lives? I probably will never have the faith of Abraham (although there is no reason why I shouldn’t believe in the same manner) and I don’t really want to be tested like Job.

         One thing I can be, however, is a faithful and obedient believer. I want to follow Christ every day and to be an example unto others. I know that there are people looking at my life with interest and attention. Lord, let my testimony shine brightly for your glory in this world and let my life inspire others to love and follow you.

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