Esther 6, 7     (March 6)

                                                        Gallows of Justice

             “…on the gallows that he had prepared”

            The history of Haman ended tragically.  This proud man was humiliated in front of all his family, friends and enemies.  The gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai were the same that later on tightened his neck with mortal fury. If this isn’t irony, I don’t know what irony is at all? He died with the same instrument of death that he had designed for his nemesis Mordecai.

            This story fills me with both sadness and happiness.  I feel sadness, because this is the end of many evil, malicious and deceiving men. Many in this world that betray Jesus and delight in sin will Jump (to their deaths) like Judah, Hang alongside Haman, commit Suicide with Saul and spend the rest of eternity in hell.

            On the other hand, I also feel Happiness— because God’s justice always demands a just retribution for all sins, while God’s love delivers the repentant sinner. The unbelievers are always crying out that God is not fair. They are wrong; God is not only fair, but He is also just and merciful.

            Do not fear when someone tries to intimidate you; do not cry when they mock you.  God sees everything and in his own time, will do justice. Let us resist our enemies’ attacks holding fast to the grace of Jesus Christ and let us be joyful as we carry our own cross. Soon our day of liberation will be here.

            Soon our Deliverer will descend from heaven to take us home.  As for the “Hamans” of this world, there will be no place to hide, and their evil works and wicked schemes, shall be the “gallows of justice” upon which God will judge them.

            I sincerely do not envy them at all! 

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