Esther 4     (March 4)

                                           Firm Convictions

           “…but he would not accept them.”

            Mordecai was a man of strong convictions. He might not have been the most cultured man in his city, but he knew right from wrong. He was not powerful or influential, but he stood up to the king.  All the people of Susa (where he lived) would bow down every day to the evil Haman, but Mordecai would only kneel before God.

            One day, he dressed in sackcloth and ashes and started to cry, lamenting for the evil proclamation of the king.  Esther, who was also a Jew, was almost used by the devil to try and convince Mordecai to stop.  Fortunately, Mordecai did not accept her advice, or the garments of betrayal. 

            As you well know, the devil attacks us in many ways, and can use different people.  If you are like Mordecai, or you wish to be, you will be attacked harshly.  These attacks can be criticism, ridicule, insults, defamation, adulations, or like in the case of Mordecai; invitations to compromise our convictions.

            We must respond with a strong “NO!” to each one of these attacks. It does not matter if it’s coming from your spouse or your best friend; your parents or your pastor; your friends or your enemies. If we are convinced that our position is biblical, nothing or no one should be able to change our position.

            Let us not confuse, however, the conviction of the Holy Spirit in us, with our desires of the flesh, or lack of understanding. There are many close-minded Christians, which think they are always right.

           This is neither conviction nor faith— this is sin.

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