Esther 3     (March 3)

                                                          Stand Firm

            “…in order to see whether Mordecai’s words would avail;”

            “I cannot put up with the pressure at work any longer, Pastor!”

            “They all laugh at me at school!”

            “Pastor, my husband criticizes me to much!”

            Pastors listen to this type of complains and laments all the time.  It is true that many of these tribulations happen to us on a daily basis.  It is rare the day, when we can breathe at ease without fear to be bothered, or even verbally or physically attacked.  There is always ridicule, criticism and pressure.

            Everyone is always keeping his or her eyes on us Christians.  People around us want to know if we, as children of God, will remain firm in our stand for Christ.

            People have only one purpose when they keep an eye on us:  To see if they find a flaw in our conduct that they can criticize.  If we conduct ourselves as good Christians, we are criticized and are called fanatics, preacher boy …etc.

            If on the other hand, we make the most minor imprudence, the finger is pointed at us and venomous tongues accuse us, by saying:  “And YOU are a Christian?”

            There are a few, which would like to see if in reality we are different.  In the depths of their soul, they hope for a new and better life, as they see us they hope to see if we are in true Christians.

            You and I can be like Mordecai— strong in our faith.   Perhaps somebody is looking at us today, to see if it is worthwhile to be a Christian.

            Stand firm in the faith!

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