Nehemiah 8 (February 23)

                                                            We Must Understand

            “…helped the people to understand the law,”

            I must make a confession; I love the Word of God.  Each time I read the sacred Scriptures I find peace, cleanliness and blessings.  When I have to prepare a sermon, I totally forget about the world I live in and immerse myself in the world of the Bible.

            I find nourishment for my soul and spirit in these sacred pages. There I read about God, the angels, miracles, Jesus Christ, ever-lasting life, the prophets and the promises of God.   What blessings you find when you read and study the Word of God!

            Not everyone understands the Bible message.  Some, who read it, don’t understand it because they do not have the Holy Spirit. They cannot understand the divine Word because they are incredulous. Others, even though they are Christians, do not put all their efforts into reading the Bible, as they should— with submission and prayer.

            We know the Bible is not an easy book to understand.  For this reason we should always be grateful for our pastors and teachers.  God has endowed these men in a special way.  They can understand with sufficient clarity, the biblical passages and can explain it to others that need to hear so much from God.

            If you are a pastor, evangelist, or teacher, I congratulate you in the name of the Lord; I also thank you in the name of all Christians for your admirable work. I am indebted to pastors like you, who taught the Word of God to me.

            If you are a Christian that is able to understand the Word of God, be joyful in the Lord and be grateful for those that with great love have taught you to drink from the “living waters” that give us eternal life in Christ.

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