Nehemiah 1 (February 16)


            “…who delight in revering your name.”

            “Reverend Martinez!” A man called out to a pastor on the street. The pastor kept walking and did not respond, but the man was not going to give up so easily. Getting closer to the pastor he yelled one more time,

            “Reverend Martinez!”

            The pastor did not get the hint and completely ignored the shouts.  The man made one last desperate attempt as he got even closer to him. He even tried to touch the pastor while saying:

            “Reverend Martinez? Don’t you remember me?”

            The pastor stopped and looked at the stranger for an instant.  The man was astonished when he heard the reply from the Pastor.

            “I am sorry my friend, but I do not recognize you. My name is not Martinez and I am not a Reverend.  There is only one Reverend and that is GOD.”

            What this Pastor said is the grandest truth.  Adoration and reverence is exclusively reserved for God.

            No man is to be called “Father” or even “Reverend.” It does not matter how “holy” he is.  Idols are not worshipped, nor should they be “venerated,” since there is no difference between these two words.

             Yes, my brothers and sisters. Honor your mother and you father; respect your pastor; and obey authorities; but the title of reverend is only reserved for God…the only one and eternal REVEREND Lord of the universe… and beyond.

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