Ezra 4 (February 9)

                                                       Small Battles

            “At that time the work…stopped…”

            Flies are bothersome and nasty insects.  Who has not been bothered by flies while having a family “picnic” at the park?  The sun is shining and a gentle breeze is blowing. The table is set and filled with baby back ribs, corn, potatoes, beans, sodas, chips and all kinds of sweets.                       

             Am I missing anything in the menu?

            The family is ready to eat under the cooling shade of a tree.  Everything is at peace.  The day is perfect for a picnic and other outdoor activities; the birds are singing; the flies are coming…THE FLIES!

            These undesirable insects have ruined more than one family picnic. Their contaminated legs land on top of all the food, while the other flies fly around the family.  If you decide to try and get rid of them, you will only accomplish this for just a moment.  If you kill one of them, ten will take its place.  Many times what ends up happening is that the flies triumph and the family decides to go home hungry and irritated.

            Satan is also like the flies. Since he knows he is defeated, he does not want the work of God to prosper.  Satan and his demons “flutter” around the children of God, scattering contamination and evil.

            Many times — far too many! — The devil has triumphed and has succeeded in stopping the work of the Living God in some congregations. Churches have been divided and brothers and sisters have drifted from the Lord.  What happiness must the dragon feel!

            But the work of God will continue and prevail over darkness.  The devil will “win” his small battles from time to time, but Christ has already triumphed in the “Battle of the ages.”

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