2 Chronicles 33 (February 2)

                                                         Finishing Strong

            “…he entreated the favor of the Lord…”

            Jesus told a story of two sons and their father.  The first one disobeyed his father when he was told to do a certain chore, but later repented; while the other promised to do his father’s will, and then did the opposite.

            The disobedient son represents the people of Israel, who promised to follow the Lord and then served the idols of all the surrounding nations.  The other son, the repenting one, symbolizes the pagan and rebellious gentiles out of which would come many obedient children of God in the future.

            If you were given the choice to be like King Joash or King Manasseh, which one would you imitate?

            Joash began his kingship as a young man in Judea, doing what was right under the supervision of the faithful and holy priest Jehoiada, but when the high priest died, Joash’s faithfulness died also.

            Manasseh on the other hand started out as an idolater, murderer and evil king.  He even passed his sons through fire. But Manasseh repented and humbled himself before the Lord for the rest of his days.

            I choose Manasseh for I was like him. I was a rebellious atheist that despised God, the church and the Bible. One day, however, God touched my heart and illuminated my soul with the truth of the Gospel and I repented of my sin. I turned to Christ and received Him as my Lord and Savior and my whole changed forever. I rather end well like Manasseh, than waste my life like Joash.  God wants for all of us to start, and finish well.

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