2 Samuel 24 (October 18)

                                                                    Bone or Steak?

            I will not offer burnt offerings…that cost me nothing.”

            In this world, everything has a price: the goods and services sold in stores and supermarkets; the check (too small for many) that we receive at the end of the week; the bad choices we make; the traffic violations and crimes committed by some. All these things have a price.

            In the spiritual arena, the above is also true. Sin, for example, brings with it a terrible price or “wage”—death (Romans 6:23). Eternal life, on the other hand, requires us to pay the “price” of repentance and faith. All things have a price.

            Our worship of God, therefore, comes with a hefty price tag. God deserves our best, not the leftovers. True worship includes sacrifice, praise, holiness, dedication, and total commitment to the Lord.

            David was aware of this truth when he rejected Araunauh’s offer. He knew that true worship is given freely but is not free.

            Some people give God the core and not the apple; the “bone” but not the steak. Is this right? How would we react if God “blessed” us in this manner? God deserves our best every day. I wonder if it’s not a great hypocrisy on our part, that we are willing to pay any price for perishable products and forgettable events, but neglect to pay homage to God with our lives.

            God has given everything to us, including his Son Jesus. I wonder if Nike, Calvin Klein, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, and your favorite singer, athlete, or actor will ever do that for you!

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