2 Samuel 15 (October 9)

                                                                        Thief of Hearts

            “…so Absalom stole the hearts of the people of Israel.”

            Absalom, David’s son, was a great politician. If he would run for the presidency of the United States, he would surely be elected. He used his eloquence, charisma, and good looks to avenge himself from his unforgiving father. He did not forgive David, and he used all his resources to dethrone him.

            Absalom is a symbol of Satan. The devil knows he has been defeated and cannot triumph over Jesus, the King of kings. Likewise, he can’t defeat a faithful and dedicated follower of Christ.

            Nevertheless, he uses many devious tactics such as lies, doubts, manipulation, terror, intimidation, and deceit. Perhaps you are not afraid of the enemy of your soul and are not easily deceived by his cunning, but you can be sure he will redouble his ferocious attacks against you.

            The Bible instructs us to guard our hearts, why? Because our hearts are the targets of enemy bombs. The devil wants to steal our hearts, just like Absalom did to the people of Israel.

            God does not operate in this manner. He knocks on our door (Revelations 3:20), and if we open our hearts, he will work wonders in our lives. God wants to occupy every corner of our being and he accomplishes this with love, wisdom, and patience.

            Do not allow the devil or any “Absalom” to steal your heart. He wants to steal our joy, love, peace and all the blessings we have in Christ. Beware of the devil’s tactics and never open the door of your heart to him, not even a window.

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