1 Samuel 9 (September 2)

                                                                    Pure Speed

            “Now the day before…the Lord had…”

            The fastest runner in the world, the most potent rocket and the most electrifying lightning, have something in common: Great speed.  Nevertheless, none of them can even begin to compare with the infinite velocity of our God.

            The speed of an automobile is measured in miles per hour.  Rockets surge the skies at several miles per second and light or electricity, travels at the incredible speed of 186,000 miles per second!

            God’s velocity is so unfathomable, that there are no instruments capable of measuring his movements.  God lives in the realm of eternity, where time is obsolete.  God created time, space, light and all that exists.

            God’s specialty is to arrive at any location before we do.  God is in our past, works in our present and waits for us in the future.  How is God able to accomplish such an improbable feat?

            First of all, because he is God and nothing is impossible or even difficult for Him. Secondly, God can accomplish anything He wants for the simple reason that God inhabits eternity and time (past, present, and future), is always before Him.

            Our Lord also controls the course of history and guides our paths.  God prepares the hearts of those who will believe in Jesus and skillfully directs and moves those servants and ministers that will bring the saving message to them.  God also works in our circumstances and He is concerned about every detail of our lives.  Do not worry then, about tomorrow, because our God is already there.

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