1 Samuel 12 (September 5)

                                                                       Clean Hands

            “…that you have found nothing in my hand.”

            One day, as I was driving in busy intersection in the city of Miami, I saw a very funny bumper sticker on one of the cars ahead of me. It read:


            This was a satirical comment about the newly elected president of that time. The driver of that car was undoubtedly opposed to this new American “leader” on many grounds; ranging from differences in philosophy and political issues, to flaws in his character and morals.

            Samuel was a true example of a faithful and godly leader. His public life as a judge, was always above reproach. This statement is corroborated, when we observe the fact that nothing negative is written about him, with the possible exception of the incident found in 1 Samuel 16:6,7.

            Having said all this, we are not implying that Samuel was perfect — not even close! Only Jesus is worthy of that title. Samuel was a human like you and me and he sinned and struggled, as we all do. I believe that sometimes he even felt inadequate as a father (e.g., his evil sons).

            Nevertheless, his testimony was always sparkling. His excellent life is an invitation for the rest of us to take God, and the Christian life, a little bit more seriously. Samuel’s life is a sure testimony that it is still possible to be dedicated servants of God, whose integrity will never be questioned.

            Today we can decide to serve God with “clean hands” like Samuel did.

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