Deuteronomy 31 (July 3)


            “It is the Lord who goes before you.”

            In the Movie “1492” we can learn a little bit about Christopher Columbus’s life.  This great Italian explorer crossed the Atlantic Ocean and discovered America, a feat that was thought to be impossible.

            This story, and the story of many of other explorers, illustrates the need for all Christians to cross new frontiers all the time.  These frontiers or barriers can be geographical, racial or spiritual. Perhaps not all of us can become overseas missionaries, but we can do mission work wherever we are. We can also strive to find ways to eliminate the scourge of racial discrimination from our world in the name of Christ.

            In the spiritual area, our duty is to continue seeking God as part of our lifelong commitment to seek his perfect will.  We even have an advantage over “Don” Christopher, for God has given to us a map (the Bible) for the journey, which includes specific directions and divine guidance.

            Furthermore, Jesus goes before us in the journey and this, my brethren, is an immeasurable benefit.  As we follow his steps in obedience to his Word, we are guided by the “footprints” that Jesus has left behind along the way.  Likewise, as we follow Jesus our road is clearer, because he has defeated all our enemies and helps us to avoid many dangerous pitfalls.

            Let us walk towards new frontiers today with boldness and confidence, trusting that Jesus is before, with, and in us.  He knows the way, so take his hand and become a spiritual explorer for the Lord.

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