Exodus 13 (March 4)

                                                                 Good Memory

            “Remember this day…”

            A sad, angry couple went together one day to the County Court House.  When they arrived, they proceeded to the Divorce Court Section, where they filled out all the necessary documents for their separation.

            The day of the hearing came soon enough, and much to their surprise, when they entered the court room they recognized the judge.  You see, this was the same judge that had presided over their civil marriage.

            The judge recognized them also and asked them why they were pursuing a legal separation.  The couple cited a few “reasons” of little or no consequence.  The judge didn’t know if to laugh or cry, but looking directly into their eyes, he exclaimed:

            “Do you even remember your wedding day?”

            God’s exhortation is remarkably similar:  “Remember this day…”  In other words, we must always remember the day when we were saved by the grace of God.  We were slaves in our “Egypt,” but Jesus delivered us and set us free.

            In the Old Testament, the story of the deliverance of the people of God from Egypt is often retold, and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus are remembered by not one, but four Gospels.

            When you feel lonely, when your strength is almost gone; remember that day.  In that day you met Jesus, your Savior and Lord, and you were reborn from above.  In that day all your sins were forgiven forever.

            Do not divorce yourself from Jesus.  Remember all that he has done for you. 

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