Genesis 1 (January 1)

                                               “God Is the Best”            

                “In the beginning…”

  All of us had a beginning, a physical beginning when we were born from our earthly parents.  Some of us had yet another beginning, a spiritual awakening or rebirth from God, the day when we believed in the Lord Jesus as our only Savior.

 Our lives were a “formless void” and the darkness of sin covered our hearts,making any type of communication with God impossible.  Nevertheless the Holy Spirit was there preparing the way for the coming of the Prince of Peace to our disorganized and meaningless lives.

            “Then God said, ‘Let there be light’;”

 And then, when everything seemed to lead to chaos and despair, Jesus appeared. bringing hope just as morning sunlight brings forth a renewed confidence that darkness will not prevail.  A world without light is as a heart without Jesus.

            “Then God said…”

 How immensely powerful is God’s Word.  The world was created by the Word; We are born again when we believe what the Word teaches about Jesus; and the Word of God is our “daily bread” which sustains our spiritual man.  Finally the blessed Word of God is filled with God’s promises including the return of Jesus.

            “And God saw that it was good.”

  Everything that God did is good.  All that God is now doing is good; and anything that He will ever do is good and for our good. 

Thank you Lord.

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