No More (Numbers 17)

            “I will put a stop to the complaints…”

            Little Johnny was always complaining to his mother.  Sometimes he would complain about his brother, and at other times about his sister, or his teachers, or his friends, or his…well you get the picture.  He was truly a master in the art of complaining, but no one appreciated his artistry, especially his mom. 

            Parents in general, are not fond of too much complaining.  They are already burdened with problems and endless responsibilities.  The last thing they need is to hear the grumbles and endless complaints of their children.

            I believe God is the same way.  Even though He loves us and is patient with us, I believe that He would rather listen to our praises than to our problems.  He delights himself in true worshippers not in whiners.

            There are however genuine concerns (not complaints) that we must bring to God in prayer.  He listens to our problems when we pray to Him and he is sympathetic to our needs, for His is a throne of grace, but doubts and complaints are not welcomed in his glorious throne.

            Examine yourself today to see if there is a spirit of complaining in you.  Remember that your tongue is there to praise the Lord or to pray in his Name; but is not designed to speak against God or to complain like little children.

            There is a promise of God in this chapter: He will stop all the complaints.  Before that happens; before God “cuts your tongue,” stop your complaining.  No one has solved any problem by grumbling, and you are not the exception.

            A. G.

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