Joy and Reverence (Numbers 18)

            “…a most holy thing…”

            “Playing church” is a term that is sometimes used to describe how some youth groups conduct the church services during “Youth Week.” This may be true in some cases, but I think that some young people can do a good (although a bit immature) job, when it comes to serving God.

            This term also applies to those Christians that do not take their faith seriously.  They do not attend church services regularly and when they do finally attend, a spirit of “sleepiness” or indifference takes hold of them.  They are playing the dangerous game of “Let’s pretend.”

            Being serious about our faith, does not amount to being a serious or bitter person.  There is no room in God’s kingdom for bitterness, depression, sadness, gloom, despair or extreme seriousness.  Christians are called to express joy, gladness, and even laughter in their lives every day.  In other words, we can be serious with God and joyous because of God!

            Christ rejoices in the joy of his people, and he is well pleased with those who are also reverent before his presence.  We can praise God with joy and reverence at the same time, for he is holy.  We can bring our tithes and offerings to God as an act of worship, but with gladness in our hearts.

            Everything belongs to our God.  He deserves our offerings, our time, our holiness and our pure joy.  To give to Him something less…it’s just a foolish and dangerous game that we must never play.

            A. G.

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