Choose Well (Numbers 16)

            “…get away from…Korah…”

            A Christian young man had a good friend-at least that is what he thought.  He trusted his “friend” completely and would tell him all of his secrets, problems and intimate dreams.  One day, this false friend betrayed him and revealed all his secrets publicly.

            His pastor had warned him repeatedly about this unequal friendship.  He was told several times to keep away from the evil friend, but he didn’t listen, thinking that his pastor was exaggerating. Finally the young man realized his mistake, and separated himself from the one he thought, was his friend.

            In the Bible we are admonished to separate ourselves from false friends and false believers.  Korah is an example of them.  He rebelled against Moses and God and actively promoted division among the people.  He paid dearly for this infraction, as he and most of his family went down (alive) straight to Sheol (or Hell).

            Therefore we must keep away from those who cause divisions and betray the Lord.  There are many “Korahs” frequenting congregations and we must be very careful for they are very dangerous.

            The Bible does admonish us to, “not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.” (2 Corinthians 6:14)

            Unite yourself with mature disciples who are role models in your church.  Observe their behavior, faith and love and imitate them.  You will become like those whom you associate with.  Make sure to choose the best.

            A. G.

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