The Law (Numbers 15)

            “…a single statute…same law…”

            The Law of Christ applies to every human being.  It is the same for men and women; Jews and Gentiles; young and old and for every race, tribe, people or nation in the world.  The Bible is the Word of God, and in it we find God’s will for our lives and many principles that deal with every situation.  Although we are not bound by the Law of Moses, we must follow the Law of Christ and his “rules” for a successful Christian life.

            What is this Law of Christ and what are we supposed to do?  Good question. I will briefly say that Jesus wants us to do the following things; and much more:

  1. Love God and our neighbors (including enemies).
  2. Love one another
  3. Preach the Gospel to the entire world.
  4. Live in holiness (salt of the earth)
  5. Please the Father in everything we do.
  6. Take up our cross and follow Him
  7. Study the Scriptures, watch and pray.

            This is what Christ wants us to do, and if we are obedient, he will be pleased with us.  He has given to us the divine Holy Spirit who will help us to fulfill the Law of Christ in our hearts.

            We are responsible before God to study his Word with hungry hearts.  I pray that our Heavenly Father will make us hungry to know God, hungry to know his will and hungry to obey Him.

             A. G.

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