No Reason (Numbers 14)

            “…because the Lord was not able…”

            For many people in this world God does not even exist, and for others, he has the same or even less power than any idol you can buy at a religious establishment.  These statues of “saints,” “virgins” and a myriad of false gods seem to be more powerful than the real God is to their followers, as millions of deluded and lost people follow, pray and worship these idols exclusively.

            What is even sadder is the fact that they praise their idols for their blessings, and blame the only true God if anything goes wrong.  This is a travesty to say the least and a great offense against God.

            Moses was aware of the sinful nature of the Canaanites, when he begged God to forgive his rebellious people.  He was certain that the Egyptians and the Canaanites would mock and taunt God for his “inability” to deliver Israel completely.

            Our God does not share his glory with anyone and he will never be mocked.  He forgave the young sons of the children of Israel, but the rebellious fathers would die in the wilderness.  By doing this, God preserved the posterity of his people and the integrity of his deity.

            The unbelievers will continue doubting and attacking God.  They will take hold of the most insignificant detail or “reason” to prove that there is no God or that he is indeed powerless or evil.

            Let us be careful how we conduct ourselves in front of an unbelieving society.  Our testimony and reputation can give pagans a reason to discredit our good Lord.

            A. G.


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