For or Against? (Numbers 12)

            “Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses…”

            A godly leader is rapidly becoming an endangered species.  No, he is not perfect, but he deserves our love, and respect. We are called to follow and support our leaders in the Lord (Philippians 3:17).

            A true leader is someone who models godliness with his words and deeds.  We should follow his example and honor his authority, without ever making the common mistake of almost worshipping him.

            I know you probably may be thinking:  What about if I don’t agree with my leader? Good communication is the key to success.  You can express your concerns, doubts or disagreements to your pastor or leader.  In other words you can speak to him with love and respect.

            What you must never attempt is to talk against God’s servants.  If you could ask Miriam, she would persuade you to desist, for she spoke against Moses and was immediately covered with leprosy.

            Leprosy is a symbol, not only of sin, but also of the impurities that sometimes invade and expand through our hearts.  A “leprous” heart is very difficult to clean, especially if we believe that we are right or that we have the “right” to hate, slander or criticize our leaders.

            When you find yourself in opposition to the leadership of your church, you have the right to approach them and speak to or with them.   Speak the truth, communicate with love and sincerity, and you will see God solving most, if not all, of the problems.

            A. G.

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