Help! (Numbers 11)

            “I am not able to carry all these people alone…”

            The ants are famous for their strength and tremendous work ethic.  These little creatures are so strong, that they are able to carry objects weighing several times their own weight.

            A little ant decided one day, to put on a show to showcase her “infinite” strength.  She left the colony alone and on the way she found an enormous (and dead) insect.  At that moment she decided that this was the opportunity that she had been looking for, so she carried the insect by herself back to the colony.  At the beginning everything went better than she planned.  The rest of her colony stood amazed at her display of raw force.  But the trek was long, and the load was heavy, and the “super ant” began to tire.

            Now the colony was looking at the little ant struggling and many began to worry.

            Every new step was slower than the last and finally the ant dropped to the ground and screamed:  “I cannot do it alone! Help me!”

            Moses cried to God for help as he was being crushed under the enormous weight of his responsibilities.  God did not rebuke him for complaining, but provided seventy men to help him.  If you are under pressure and your strength is running out, do not give up.  Keep serving God and keep crying out to him for help.  He knows that you can’t do it alone; He knows that we need him.

            God will help you.  He will send help at the most opportune time.  He will bring people to your life to encourage and support you.  He will also renew your strength and give you wings of eagles to keep flying.  We can’t do it, but God can.

            A. G.

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