My House is for the Lord (Leviticus 27)

            “If a person consecrates a house to the Lord…”

            I still remember the day we moved into our present house.  Many and grievous were the years we spent living in crowded and noisy apartments and paying exorbitant rent.  Now we have a home; a place of our own!

            It is awe inspiring to see a man who dedicates his house to the Lord.  When we say “house,” we refer first to our place of residence.  It is there where we eat, sleep, play with our children, love our wives and spend time with God.

            How can we consecrate our houses to the Lord? There are three main ways. First, we can use our house to bring glory to God.  Our homes can hold prayer meetings and neighborhood outreach services.  The house we live in can also be open to our brothers and sisters as a haven of Christian hospitality.  Furthermore our homes are an ideal location to build lasting relationships with neighbors and members of our congregations.

            Our houses must be a home for Jesus.  The Lord should always be welcome, but not as a guest, for he is the Host and the Lord of everything including our house.  Our house must be built upon faith and worship, and the walls decorated with holiness.  The ceiling is covered with layers of love, “for love covers a multitude of sins.”   (1 Peter 4:8).

            Finally our home is our family.  Our wife and children are to be consecrated to the Lord.  Joshua served the Lord with his family (Jos. 24:15).  He dedicated himself to God first, and then the rest of his house or household. 

            Are you willing to consecrate yourself and your “house” to the Lord?

           A. G.

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