The War (Numbers 1)

            “…everyone in Israel able to go to war.”

            Man of God, or holy woman, God is calling soldiers to join his righteous army.  There is a war around us and we have been enlisted to fight in this spiritual battle against the forces of evil.

            The devil and his followers are well prepared and organized.  They have, “rulers…authorities…powers…and spiritual forces.” (Ephesians 6:12).  It is possible to deduct from the Scriptures that nations and perhaps even cities, have their own infernal satanic “princes” (Daniel 10:13).

            The satanic hosts control for the most part the world media, which includes radio, television, music, newspapers and countless magazines.  They also rule over most of Earth’s governments and over pagan religions, sects and cults that deny and reject the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what the Bible calls the “world,” referring to the humanist and diabolical world system that is diametrically opposed to God.

            The army of hell has millions and perhaps billions of human followers as well. This great army devotes their time and resources to expand Lucifer’s “empire.”  Some of these disciples of Satan serve him every day unknowingly or unintentionally, but they do help his cause.

            If there has ever been a need for true Christian soldiers is now.  Now more than ever, God is extending an urgent invitation for us to become radical disciples of Christ.  Can you hear God’s war cry?  Are you ready for the battle?

            God is calling you, and you can be a soldier for the Lord!

            A. G.

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