Isaiah 31    (September 8)

                                              In God we trust

              “The Egyptians are human, and not God:”

              On the reverse side of US currency, we see the following inscription:

              “In God we trust”

              Only God knows up to what point this statement is true. Many North Americans (and people from all other nations), trust in any other thing or people, except in God. I would say that many people trust the mighty dollar more than the Almighty God.

              The Israelites—God’s chosen nation—allied themselves to Egypt, Syria and Assyria, which were their enemies, and did not trust in God. The average Christian, who reads this story, will probably accuse and point his fingers at Israel saying,

               “How is it possible that the chosen people of God, the ones that experienced so many miracles, did not trust in God?”

               How about our own faithfulness and obedience? Hasn’t Christ redeemed all of us miraculously? Haven’t we experienced the Lord’s care on a daily basis? Of course we have! Christians must learn to trust only in God. Man’s power is limited. There is no perfect human, and no one except God, has the ability to fulfill all of their promises, or help everyone.

               Only God can do the possible, and the impossible. Only God is All-powerful; He is the only Love and Truth. We can trust in God completely, because:

                I- He fulfills all his promises

                II- Has unlimited power and,

                III- His love is perfect.

                Do you trust in Him?

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