Isaiah 23    (August 31)

                                         Power and Authority

            “The Lord of hosts has planned it”

            As children of God we frequently go through difficult times in our lives. Sometimes we are the cause of our own troubles, and provoke the storms that blow against our soul due to our sins, or negligence. We are admonished in the Bible, to avoid this kind of “suffering” that is unrelated to our Christian faith.

            Nevertheless, there are times in which we suffer, not having committed a crime at all. On other occasions, we endure great hardships for actually doing what was right! When this happens we ask, why?

            Before I respond to such a question, it is necessary to remember that Christ is our King and we are his servants. As such, He has all power and authority over our lives, because He created us, saved us and bought us with His own blood.

            What our Lord decrees or commands must be fulfilled. His power is absolute and His authority without limits. Perhaps you and I do not understand why these things happen, but God has a good reason and his purpose very well defined. Everything he decrees is for his own glory and for our own good.

            God loves us and his plans for our lives are loving plans. I have questioned his love from time to time, when my circumstances were adverse. It is easy to believe that God is sovereign when it relates to our gracious salvation and his merciful providence, but when trials come and times are hard, we question his sovereign plan.

            He does have a plan and He is always in control. Praise Him in the good times and learn from the hard times, because both are part of his sovereign and eternal plan.        

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