1 Chronicles 13 (December 17)

                                                                     Listen and Follow

           “David consulted…”

            He, who seeks wise advice, will live longer than mice.

            Those who follow godly counsel shall be stronger than Samson.

            What great truths can be found behind these sayings!  Many men and women would give anything, to be able to return to their childhood and listen to their parents, teachers, friends, pastors and relatives’ advice.  How different their lives would have been!

            I myself cannot comprehend why God has allowed me to reach almost sixty years of age.  I turned a deaf ear to innumerable advices and warnings, and suffered terrible consequences as a result.  Thankfully, by God’s grace I was able to listen to just a few of them, including the best advice of all:  To receive Jesus as the Savior of my soul and Lord of my life.

            The problem with us is that we are rebellious by nature.  We don’t need or want anyone telling us how to live our lives.  This prideful attitude, rebellious disposition and insurrection against God’s law, was passed onto us from our first forefathers, who in turn received it from an infamous fallen angel.

            Adam and Eve did not follow God’s command and lost everything they had.  Even though they were able to live a long life, it was significantly shorter than the eternal life they could have enjoyed in paradise.

            David swallowed his pride and consulted with Israel’s leaders.  Later on God blessed him with a strong kingdom.  Do you listen to, and follow good advice?

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