2 Kings 14 (November 23)

                                                                  Adam and …Jesus

            “…but all shall be put to death for their own sins.”

            A paper plane went flying in the classroom and came to a sudden stop on Mr. Cole’s neck.  The whole class erupted in laughter until they all saw pure wrath in the teacher’s eyes, who screamed:

            “Who did this?”                     

            No one raised their hands or confessed.

            “Very well…” The professor said, as he picked the plane. “…the whole class has three hours of detention and a ten page paper, unless someone confesses.”

            “That’s not fair!” many screamed disapproving of this harsh punishment.   “Why does everyone have to pay for one?”

            Aren’t you greatly appreciative of the fact that our God is not like this professor?  He punishes each person according to their own sins.

            You may ask, “what about Adam’s sin?” Aren’t we suffering because of his transgression?  Yes, we inherited Adam’s sinful nature, but not because he failed as our representative (federal headship) —we were there with him in that Garden and sinned in Adam (natural headship).

            Nevertheless, Jesus died on the cross to justify sinners and bestow eternal life upon those who believe.  If Adam’s disobedience brought shame and death, Jesus, by his righteousness, has given us life and total forgiveness.

            He died as our Substitute and representative. His death on the cross for his church (not for all the people in the world) paid for my sin and now I am free in Him forever.

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