2 Kings 15 (November 24)

                                                     Power in Her Hands

            “His mother’s name was…”

            All the kings of Judah and Israel had something in common:  A mother that raised them.

            Before you laugh at my great “discovery,” let me assure you that my main concern on this subject is not a study on maternity; I do want to point out however, the important role of Christian mother.

            Perhaps some of my readers are mothers—my hats off to them!  Some of them have to work to feed her (husbandless) family, while others are successful career professionals.  Yet there is still an old fashioned group of mothers labeled as “housewives.”

            To me, there is no higher calling than to serve God, and after that comes motherhood, which incidentally is another way to serve the Lord.  I am aware that this society does not favor the traditional view of marriage (“until death do us apart”); neither does it praise a dedicated housewife and mother.

            A Christian mother is a treasure from God.  She can influence an entire generation through her children.  Even though there have been some bad mothers, the institution of motherhood is alive and well!

            In the Bible many mothers are mentioned by name, including the mothers of kings.  Why?  I believe that they are there to show us an example of what a mother can do.  Some of them exerted great influence and wielded great power, as their children put in motion all the principles they learned from God and through their mothers

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