2 Kings 10 (November 19)

                                                             Incomplete Zeal

            “…and see my zeal for the Lord.”

            There is a great difference between a jealous man and a zealous believer.  The first is always suspicious of his partner, while the second wants to please his Lord—no matter what it takes.

            A jealous person is bitter, blind and bereft of trust.  Jealousy has been responsible for many heated arguments and divorces.  The “knife” of jealousy cuts deeper than you can imagine!

            King Jehu was a study in contrasts.  He could have easily been the only good king of the northern kingdom (Israel).  Jehu was zealous for God, but not all the way.  Allow me to illustrate.

            Jehu’s Zeal                                                                  Jehu’s Sins

  1. Wiped our Ahab’s house                           1.  Followed the sins of Jeroboam
  2. Eliminated Baal Worship                           2.  Did not follow God’s law carefully

            What great potential was laid to waste!  Jehu’s life was an unfinished masterpiece.  He “could have been” great, but settled for mediocrity.  Jehu’s name would have been mentioned right along king David’s, but his incomplete zeal cut his wings of victory.

            Are you like Jehu?  Is there great potential in you, yet incomplete zeal and commitment in your life?  I exhort you to spread your wings and fly over the valley of “unfinished business” and beyond the cemetery of talented, yet unfulfilled and “fruitless” people.  I exhort you to become an extraordinary Christian full of holy zeal for the Lord.

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