2 Samuel 5 (September 29)

                                                                     Running is not an Option

            “Once again the Philistines came up,…”

            Puberty or adolescence is a very difficult phase in anyone’s life.  Teenagers face an enormous amount of pressure, temptations, problems and conflicts.  These conflicts could be with their parents, teachers, and the police or amongst themselves. It seems as if they are in a constant state of turmoil.

            Young people fight repeatedly and for whatever reason.  Once, I witnessed a particular fight that lasted many weeks—it was truly a war! Two teenagers fought, and the “loser” didn’t know how to lose gracefully.  Therefore he kept fighting (and losing) day after day to avenge his public defeat.

            So great was his rancor, that he began to use devious tactics, such as surprise attacks, using a wooden bat and ganging up against his adversary, with a group of cowards like him.

            In this same manner the Philistines operated against Israel.  They were as deceitful as the devil, and blood thirsty like a hungry lion.  If you think that by changing schools, or your job, or by moving into another city, you will be able to escape the devil’s relentless attacks; I’ve got news for you!

            You are a child of God and therefore, you are not one of those who run from the devil.  I exhort you to remain faithful to God and to face the enemy of your soul in the name of Jesus. The battle is hard and many times you will feel like you are alone against powerful enemies, but don’t lose heart for God is with you.

            Running is not an option!

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