2 Samuel 6 (September 30)

                                                       Michal or David?

            “And Michal…had no child…”

            The Bible is a supernatural book as well as divine. Every time we open it, we enter into a world full of miracles and wonders. In this world, the blind man sees, the deaf hear, the dead come back to life, and women who were barren (Hannah, Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, and Elizabeth) bore sons and daughters.

            Nevertheless, the Bible tells the story of a young, beautiful, and capable woman who never had children. Who was this woman, and what was the reason for such a terrible punishment?

            Her name was Michal; she was a daughter of Saul and married to David, the future king. As a daughter of Saul, she was under the curse that brought the removal of King Saul. God promised the kingdom to David and his sons, not to the sons (or grandsons) of King Saul.

            Michal was likewise, a proud and pagan woman. She was ashamed to worship God publicly as David did. Her “reputation” and social status were more important to her than God.

            What is more important to you, worshipping God or caring about what others think of you?

            Perhaps on more than one occasion, you may have wanted to shout “Amen!” or “Hallelujah!” but haven’t done it, fearing that someone may call you a “charismatic.” Or perhaps you have the desire to share the gospel but do not want to be called a “fanatic.”

            Are you like Michal or David?

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