I Samuel 30 (September 23)

                                                                          The Right Place


              “But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.”

            Have you ever felt cornered and imprisoned by despair?

            Identify yourself with David for a moment. He had been anointed by Samuel to become Israel’s new king. He defeated the giant Goliath and was quickly promoted as Saul’s personal musician. Furthermore, he enjoyed a great deal of popularity among the people.

            But one day, David was forced to flee from the friendly confines of Israel and seek refuge elsewhere, for Saul planned to kill him. David lived among the Philistines, who mistrusted him so much that they would not allow him to fight with them (a great providential intervention from God).

             As David returned home to Ziklag, he found the city burned to the ground and their families and possessions gone. The Amalekites had taken them!

            What would you do in this situation? David did not despair, even in the face of threats by his own people. The Bible says he “strengthened himself in the Lord his (and our) God.”

            God knows our fears and needs. God has compassion on those who suffer and gives strength to the weak. David knew this, and he took refuge in his loving Lord, who was able to help him. David found the strength he needed in the Lord.

            How do you respond to danger or pain? Some people sin, others hide or complain, and still others run away from God; but we shall run to the Lord to find our strength only in Him.

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