1 Samuel 26 (September 19)

                                                                              Keep Dreaming

            “You will do many (great) things and will succeed in them.”

            My dear friend, and very talented professor, speaker and writer, Dr. Israel Galindo, gave me a great gift one day.  This treasure was one of his sermons entitled, “The Impossible Dream.”

            Through this powerful message, Galindo exhorts us to keep dreaming great dreams.  He calls for us to be spiritual “Quixotes,” who travel all around the world and journey through life conquering enemies and defeating temptations and sin in the name of Christ.

            Have you ever dreamed of doing great things for the Lord? Perhaps this dream is now “stuck” in the sands of time, or it has become a full-fledge nightmare, but it may not be dead yet.

            Have you started a great work, or a ministry in God’s name and have failed? Stand up again and start fresh with Jesus.  If your dream is from God, you can be assured that He will help you prevail.

            This promise may not be for everyone. Not all of us are called to be in full time ministry, but we are all ministers of the Gospel. One may need to emulate David, a man who loved God and forgave his enemies.  David submitted himself entirely to all the designs of God’s heart and lived in righteousness.

            When will your dreams come true? I do not know and perhaps you don’t know either, but God does.  Remember, if your dreams come from God  they will come true.

            Keep dreaming…

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