1 Samuel 25 (September 18)


            “Blessed be your good sense,…”

            Abigail, the wife of the cruel Nabal, was not only a beautiful woman, but was also endowed with great wisdom and understanding.  Her wisdom was the instrument used by God, to bring deliverance to her household and to keep David from seeking revenge on her foolish husband.

            How was she able to accomplish all this?

            Abigail went to meet David and as she saw him, she fell on the ground begging him not avenge himself.  By this act, Abigail was able to show that she was humble, wise and very generous (she brought provisions for David).  Abigail was willing to carry her husband’s sins.

            The Bible tells us that, “love will cover a multitude of sins.”  (1 Peter 4:8). Love is the spur which leads us to “bother” or to prevent, the fall of brethren, relatives or friends into sin.

            A great amount of love and courage is needed, to bother or disturb someone in the name of Christ.  This kind of tough love is needed more than ever for parents, married couples and for any other relationship.

            Abigail could have been apathetic and stayed home and she would have surely witnessed the destruction of her household, but she met her problem head on and came out victorious.  We need to stand up for Christ with the same amount of holy courage and love, exhibited by the wise Abigail.  We need to “bother” our problems, before they bother us, or those around us.

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