Lost Wallets

              A few months ago I almost lost my wallet; well, I lost it but I was blessed to be able to find it again. It happened in the city of Naples, Florida. I went to the market after a morning swim in the beach and not wanting to put my wallet in the pocket of my wet swimming trunk, I placed it on top of the shopping cart…and I forgot about it.

              On my way back to the motel, I suddenly realized that my dear wallet was lost and alone in the world. I drove back to the market like a maniac (don’t tell the police) and searched everywhere, but the wallet was gone. Finally, I went to Customer Service and the agent told me she had it. It turns out that someone saw it and returned it to the store.

             You and I were like this lost wallet. We too, were lost like sheep that “have gone astray” (Isaiah 53:6). My wallet, however, was lost due to my own negligence or forgetfulness, but the human race chose to separate from God and has been lost ever since. In fact, even now most Christians choose to go astray now and then.

             You can’t imagine the joy I felt when I was reunited with my lonesome wallet. I almost cried tears of joy and praised the Lord of heaven for saving my wallet and for protecting my identity and finances.

             A greater joy was felt by the woman that lost, and found her coin (Luke 15:9) and even more by the father of the prodigal son (Luke 15:20-24). He was so overjoyed by his return, that he made a great feast for his “recovered” or redeemed son.

            This story is a wonderful illustration of God’s love for us. We were lost and rejoiced in our evil ways, but He came to save us. We will never deserve the wonders of his amazing grace and infinite mercy. His heart is filled with eternal joy for the salvation of each one of his elect.

             Oh, and one more thing. Now that we are in Christ, we can be assured that we will never be lost again (John 10:28-30). We might go a little astray sometimes, but our God will never lose anything. We might lose our wallets (or other things), but He cannot even lose one soul.

             Alexander Gonzalez



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