Deuteronomy 22 (June 24)

                                                               Give me your Burdens

            “…you shall take them back…”

            The family of God is the most beautiful and numerous family in the world.  This family is also the simplest, for it only has one Father, who has millions of children across the world.  These children are brothers and sisters in the Lord. If you love Jesus and if He is the Lord of your life, then you are part of this eternal family and better yet, you are my brother or my sister in Christ.

            We have the moral and spiritual obligation to love, to help, and to bear one another’s burdens.  This is not an option or a simple moral exhortation, but a divine command.  “You shall take them back”, the Lord says.  In other words, we must help our brethren anytime we have either the means or the opportunity to do so.

            Perhaps you are saying, “But, I don’t like some of my brothers and sisters!”  Or maybe you think that you don’t have the time or the means to help anyone, in fact you need help yourself!

            If you and I are obedient to God, then we will be able to help other members of God’s family.  If we love God, we can love our brethren in spite of their imperfections (and who is perfect in this world?).

            There is no excuse then, not to lend a hand to minister unto others. We can be an instrument of God’s love in this world, especially toward our brothers and sisters in Christ. What do you have in your hand?  What are your gifts or talents?  You can start by doing all you can with what you know or have…God will do the rest.

            Will you help someone today?

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