Deuteronomy 21 (June 23)

                                                                       Cruel Indifference

            “…a body is found lying in open country,”

            Recently I heard a very fascinating, although sad story.  This story represents the attitude of many children of God regarding the deplorable conditions of a lost humanity.  This story …well, let me tell you before you fall asleep.

            There was a man that fell from a bridge and was drowning in the deep ocean waters for he didn’t know how to swim.  His agonizing screams for help could be heard all around the bay and many came to his rescue, but it was too late… the poor man drowned.

            All the while, there was another man on the bridge, who remained unmoved and indifferent during the crisis.  He could have saved the drowning man very easily, as he was the closest to the incident, but somehow he did not choose to do it.  When they asked him why, he simply replied:

            “I don’t care and that’s not my problem!”

            Perhaps you and I are not as indifferent as this insolent man, or could it be that we won’t admit it? The sin of that man was his total detachment and callousness over the disgrace of others.

            Did you know that Christians walk as living among the dead?

            Do you remember that we are “the light of the world”? (Matthew 5:14)

            Did you also know that our duty is to rescue as many as possible? (I Corinthians 9: 19-23).

            Can you afford to remain indifferent?

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