Deuteronomy 17 (June 19)

                                                                             Food for a King

            “…and he shall read in it all the days of his life,”

            The Word of God is power and life.  Anyone who reads it finds counsel, guidance, blessings, strength, instruction and exhortations.  God’s Word is an ever-flowing fountain, where thirsty souls can quench their thirst.

            This is why every follower of Christ must read his Bible every day.  This daily reading should take place very early in the morning, as everybody else sleeps.  This time with God will be your daily jump-start for a very successful day. His Word is our guide and light in this dark and evil world.

            The king of Israel was advised to meditate on the Law of God each and every day.  A Jewish ruler was to be different from the rest of the other kings of the world, because he was to have an intimate relationship with God.  This communion between the king of Israel, and the KING of the entire universe, would grow as he would take time to listen to God’s voice.

            The Word can have a profound effect upon our lives.  The Bible will put us in our rightful place:  Not high (pride), or low (false humility).  As we read God’s Word, we can become the kind of men or women, God wants us to be.  We will grow “to maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

            Every normal human being takes care of his body and feeds it.  Every normal Christian should do the same with their spirit…but we don’t.  Let us then be “abnormal” believers who swim against the current of indifference and spiritual apathy.  Let us read the Word and it will become a Sword in our hands.

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